Artificial Life - Arts

I would suggest that all representational art is, in the broadest sense, a form of artificial life, albeit frozen in time. However, here the suggested reading focuses on a range of writings which concern digitally mediated forms in motion:

‘Towards a Thinking Machine’ by Edward Ihnatowicz
‘Artist and Computer’ Edited by Ruth Leavitt
Published by Harmony Books, 1976 ISBN 0-517-52735-9

'Aaron’s Code, Meta-Art, Artificial Intelligence and the work of Harold Cohen'
by Pamela McCorduck 1990
Published by W.H. Freeman, New York ISBN 10:0716721732

‘The Muse in the Machine - Computers and Creative Thought’
David Gelernter 1994
Published by Forth Estate ISBN 1-85702-083-9

‘Telepresence and Bio Art - Networking Humans, Rabbits and Robots’
Eduardo Kac
Published by University of Michigan Press, 2005, ISBN 0-472-06810-5

‘Metacreation: Art and Artificial Life’
By Mitchell Whitelaw
Published by MIT Press 2006 ISBN 10:0262731762

Neurotic - Pogoing Robots
“there is something liberating about robots created just to enjoy themselves”
By Rob Myers

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