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6.30am Rees Hall

……and I find myself sat on the edge of the bed trying to coax the radio dial into a position that will allow me to hear Radio 4 only to find that I am cupping it, almost cradling it in 2 hands, gently, patiently trying to squeeze the sound through a precious vessel - this is the first time I've regarded radio in this way - often an object of annoyance and frustration, the analogue dial and the in-between sounds of searching an irritation, creating an audio itch and tick ( I long for the speed and clarity of push button digital control ) but now I find myself enjoying the journey, listening, witnessing the sounds fade and out with a dial tolerance of a 1 penny piece. Thank-you Jo, you opened my eyes and ears to sound.

8.30am After breakfast

Wanda's necklace, incrementally passed though my fingers like a rosary of the lost and found, link by link, bead by bead, the warmth of silver, the cool of amethyst, the detailed texture of metal relief, the angular silk smooth of faceted gem, precious inheritance, slipping though my fingers in discrete steps. A lover of jewellery, often a sight for sore eyes, this is the first time I have felt adornment. Thank-you Simone.

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