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Posted by Wanda ZyborskaWanda Zyborska on 1249663182|%A: %d %B, %Y|agohover

The only outcome I can tell you about for me so far from Data Golem (apart from photos and contacts and what we did in Portsmouth) is that I have a changed attitude to technology on a personal level. I had been developing quite a block about it without realising it. As soon as I got home I finally registered on Flickr and loaded my first photos - an easy job, I agree, but it had become equated with form filling in my book, ie something to be endlessly deferred.

Today I took my faulty computer audio speakers back to the shop, even thought I have had them over a year (because of the block), the shop not only took them back, but gave me a new pair that cost more and didn't charge me the difference. This was PC World!!! Even they could not resist the force of my new positive attitude! I couldn't face Jo again without sound on my computer, nor could I enjoy looking at the links Adam has sent us.

This is only the beginning! If I am so radically altered, just think what we can achieve as a group, some of whom are seriously computer literate!

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